About This Blog

    Scratch (noun) : the starting line

                 -from scratch ;  slang
                            to start again from the beginning...

*Girl From Scratch is a fun, informal food blog that follows and documents adventures in the kitchen.

As a visual learner, I am much more likely to attempt a recipe after seeing pictures or a video, and have discovered many others who feel the same way. On this blog I will post my recipe pictures, experiences, successes, and failures!

Besides being onstage, my second passion is being in the kitchen, cooking for the people I love. Unlike my professional life, I will never face rejection from a carrot or fierce competition from a turkey baster. When auditions and performing become a crazy roller coaster, my cooking is always there to calm me down and give me a sense of satisfaction.

Read it. Love it. Devour it.  My blog!

*Girl From Scratch Disclaimer: 
I did not create or come up with all the recipes on this blog; some are mine, but many are not. This blog is not about creating the recipes, but about re-creating them and following that process. I will always give credit where credit is due, and try to link or post where I got the recipe from. That being said, I rarely follow a recipe verbatim and try to document changes I make. I'll identify these changes with: *Girl From Scratch Modifications.

*wire whisk courtesy of the Graphics Fairy*