Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Doing the Harlem Truffle

Truffle Fries
If the title of today's post got you excited about dessert truffles, sorry to disappoint. Today we're talking about fungus:-)

recently went to this little beer garden in Harlem that had the most amazing Truffle Fries. Tossed with roasted garlic, shaved Parmesan and then drizzled with truffle oil, I knew I had to try and recreate these at home. A truffle is a type of mushroom, and truffle oil is infused with the robust, earthy flavor of the truffle mushroom. It is popular in pasta dishes and soup to round the flavors. Simply delicious.

Problem #1: It's really expensive. Like $18.99 per ounce expensive. But nothing is too pricey for you, my dear readers, so I decided to splurge on this flavorful luxury in hopes of blogging an amazing recipe. 

3 minutes later...
Problem #2: I quickly discovered that the grocery stores in my mostly Dominican neighborhood don't carry Truffle Oil. Don't get me wrong, we have a great selection of 30-pound bags of Goya rice and 6-gallon jugs of corn oil. There are plenty of plantains and yuca, but no sign of Truffle Oil. So I did what I do best and improvised. I found a decent selection of infused oils like Pumpkin Oil, Basil Oil and Almond Oil, I decided on Garlic Oil. No need to spend $18.99 per ounce after all.

In short, this Truffle Fries recipe has no...(ahem)...actual Truffle Oil in it. But that does not take away the fact that they are simply divine! With barely five ingredients, this post is a testimony to how easy "Homemade Happy Hour" can be (for another easy appetizer, see Artichoke Dip). Instead of going out and spending all your cash on appetizers and drinks, turn on some tunes, light some candles, pop open your favorite beverage and make these fries.

"Truffle" Fries

Cast of Characters: Bag of frozen fries, minced garlic, shaved Parmesan,  garlic oil and parsley.
Spread fries on baking sheet and follow baking instructions on back.
In skillet, add minced garlic and pan-roast it for a few minutes. Be careful not to scorch it, we're just trying to take away some of the sharpness in the garlic.
In a large bowl, add cooked fries and garlic, along with the garlic oil, chopped parsley, and salt/pepper. Toss until evenly coated. 
Top with a handful of the Parmesan right before serving. The cheese will slowly melt from the warmth of the fries. Enjoy!
"Truffle" Oil Fries

1 bag frozen french fries
2 TB minced garlic
1 C shaved Parmesan cheese
1 TB truffle oil (or whatever you have)
fresh parsley
Cook fries on baking sheet around 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Roast the garlic. Toss all ingredients (except cheese ) in a large bowl. Coat evenly. Put on platter and top with cheese and a little parsley garnish.

I love recreating restaurant favorites at home (still working up the courage to try and make the Applebee's "blondie"). Has anyone out there made a restaurant favorite and loved it?


  1. Yes! Bonefish Grill's Lily's Chicken.The only thing I did not add was the lemon basil sauce. It fit for Southbeach without well- chicken breast, artichoke heart, spinach and goat cheese piled high...it was tasty!

  2. You so smaht, not to mention resourceful, a trait true to all Gormaniac kind! These look divine! -Anna

  3. @Margie-I would LOVE to try Lily's Chicken sometime! Sounds delish!

    @Eys- Thanks, they were gone in about 3 minutes:-)

    @AnonAnnaBanana- Thanks love! They were divine, try them at your place for an easy get-together appetizer!