Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Olive You Too

Olive Cheese Bread

I have heard much talk and praise for a woman named Ree Drummond and her blog called The Pioneer Woman. 

Until I found today's recipe on her site, I had never visited it before and as I scoured her wonderful pictures, recipes and stories, my heart hurt a little... To put it nicely, my blog stinks compared to hers. If her blog was a dog, it would be the Scottish Deerhound that won Best-In-Show at the 2012 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and my blog would be a mangy mutt. (Now that I'm proof-reading this, this is an extremely strange metaphor to use, but I guess I'll run with it.)

Back to the recipe, (yes, please God back to the recipe) to put it mildly Ree makes great food and has the personality to boot. No wonder she has a new show on Food Network and millions of followers. Today's recipe does not disappoint. I was looking for a more substantial bread recipe that I could pair with soups and salad to make a man-sized, filling meal. I make great soups that my husband loves, but he's often hungry a few hours later and starts rooting around the pantry at 10:30 pm. This Olive Cheese Bread is super satisfying and downright rich. You don't want to eat too many pieces, though it's hard to have the self-control because it's so good. This would also make a great appetizer for a party because it travels well and is inexpensive to make. Enjoy!

Olive Cheese Bread
Cast of Chacters: Long French or Italian bread, garlic, black and green olives, butter/margarine, mayo and shredded mozzarella cheese.

Chop the olives. 

Soften the butter and then add cheese and mayo. Stir.

Add diced garlic and the chopped olives. Combine thoroughly.

Split the bread and lay on a baking sheet. Spread filling on bread. It will feel like a lot of filling, but as it bakes it will sink down into the bread. Bake.

Fresh from the oven. Gorgeous!

Nail Color: 'Fly' Nicki Manaj for OPI.
Link to Recipe Here: Olive Cheese Bread from Pioneer Woman

This bread has a nice briny, salty flavor that will keep you reaching for another piece. Next time I prepare this as an appetizer, I will serve it with a bowl of warm marinara sauce for dipping.

I've decided to press on with my blog, even though it's nowhere near the caliber of Ree Drummond's, but you have to start somewhere right? I'm sure at some point The Pioneer Woman herself had a modest, simple blog that she did as a fun hobby. Until next time, happy cooking!


  1. It's better than a "mangy mutt"! Try "adorable puppy next door." Yeah, you're right, it's a weird metaphor.

    Adorable girl next door, more like it!

  2. Yes, but does Ree act, sing, dance? You're doing a great job here!