Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sweet July: Sweet, Tart, Fresh

Tofu Berry Custard
Welcome to week three of Sweet July: An Exploration in Four Ingredient Desserts. So many tasty treats with just four ingredients! Strawberry Shortcake, Ice-box Cookie Creams, and today's fruity, delicious custard.

Tart yogurt is all the rage here in NYC, with chains like Pinkberry, Red Mango, and Yagoot. I can't get enough of this tangy, chilled confection. It's also $6.00 a cup. Yeesh. I'm not whipping out an ice-cream maker or soft-serve machine, but today's post hits all the same notes, at a lot lower price, with a little dash of healthy...

If you think all desserts are laden with fat, calories and sugar, then prepare to think again! I'm no health-nut by any means, but I do like to experiment with ingredients and flavors, and if it happens to be healthy-- then that's icing on the cake (couldn't resist a cheesy pun). I got this recipe from The Blender Girl, who has hundreds of awesome, creative recipes for your blender. Go to her website-- you won't be disappointed.

Tofu Berry Custard is vegan, dairy-free and requires no hot oven. Need I say more? And before you wrinkle your nose at the word "tofu," I beg you to give this versatile ingredient a fair shake. It's quickly becoming one of my new favorite ingredients because you can flavor it any way you want. A friend of mine makes tofu cream puffs that are the most delicious cream puffs I've ever eaten (future post?). Today's recipe is creamy, delicious and refreshing, with no guilt or extra dollars spent. Get out of your comfort zone and try it!

Tofu Berry Custard
Cast of Characters: Mixed berries (raspberries/blueberries), Silken Tofu, Agave Nectar (in the honey aisle), and lemons. (Other ingredients that "don't count": water, salt)
Put berries in saucepan and add agave nectar and splash of water.
Add a pinch of salt.
Juice lemon.
Add lemon juice to berries. Bring berries to boil then lower heat to a simmer. Side note: THIS TASTES AMAZING. I could eat this by itself.
This is what it should look like.
Place berry mixture and tofu in blender and blend until smooth.
Place in cups and chill. I accidently left it in the freezer too long and it became a sorbet! Put in fridge for custard-like consistency and freezer for sorbet/frozen yogurt.
For the "cream" on top I reserved a little tofu and agave nectar and blended it for garnish (also a splash of vanilla extract). This is not in the original recipe, just a *Girl From Scratch Modification.
Cool down and refresh yourself!
Actual Recipe: Tofu Berry Custard
Nail Color: OPI- Fiercely Fiona
I really like trying ingredients I don't normally gravitate towards. I know I will make Tofu Berry Custard again and again. Next time a parfait perhaps. What are your thoughts about soy/tofu? Likes? Gripes? Loves?


  1. Try the blender girl's tofu chocolate mousse. AMAZING.

  2. Thanks Natalie. It's on my list to try:-)

  3. This sounds interesting but totally worth a try. I like tofu but I'm picky with how it's prepared, I guess if it's blended up it would be just great!

  4. Give it a go Cassie! If you're like me, I crave cold treats in the summer, but they aren't exactly healthy all the time. This is a good way to satisfy a sweet tooth with no guilt attached!