Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sweet July: Beaches and Cream

Pound Cake Peaches and Cream
We are having an epic summer here in New York City as far as the heat is concerned. Record-breaking high temps, struggling AC units, rumors of brown-outs, public requests to lower energy consumption, open hydrants, low water levels, cats and dogs living together...how's a girl to cope with all this? Get out! (Of the city, that is.) That's right friends, we're going on vacation. While I've enjoyed some promising auditions, am continuing to meet great people at the wine bar where I work, and love the laid-back life of summertime (the living is easy, after all), me and Mr. From Scratch need a break from the daily grind. As you read this I will hopefully be sippin' a key-lime daiquiri with my dad, step-mom, sibs, aunts, uncles and cousins on a South Carolina beach. Praise.

Today's recipe is easy-breezy, using summertime peaches and (thank you!) no hot oven. This is the last and final week of our theme month Sweet July: An Exploration in Four-Ingredient Desserts and I've had so much fun digging around for new and simple sweet treats.
Pound Cake Peaches and Cream
Cast of Characters: Store-bought pound cake, peaches, heavy cream, confectioner's sugar.
Slice peaches.
Add sugar to peaches.
Slice cake in thirds horizontally.
Heavy whipping cream and sugar in chilled bowl, whip until peaks form.
Line a loaf pan with wax paper and put bottom loaf in, then layer with peaches.
Put a layer of whipped cream. Repeat.
Freeze for an hour. 
Actual Recipe:Martha's Pound Cake Peaches and Cream
Nail Color: Essie "Haute as Hello"
Me and adorable Clara drinking from an open hydrant in Manhattan.
Lillie, Clara and Me.

Sweet July: An Exploration in Four-Ingredient Desserts... what a blast it has been! I can't wait to think of the next theme I should do. Any suggestions? (No dad, I will not do a "Vienna Sausage Extravaganza Month." )


  1. This sounds GREAT!!! I need to try this...it's a perfect summertime dessert!

    And I'm loving the nail color!

  2. Thanks @Autumn! Just stopped by, and am loving your recipes too!

  3. What a perfect summer treat! I just love pound cake and the peaches layered on there look so cute. I've been eating my weight in peaches lately!

  4. Thanks @Cassie- peaches are the best right now. I really want to try and grill them... But we have no grill here in NYC:-)