Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Best of Times is Now

Documenting that I rode my bike around the island in 3 inch wedges. I felt very Brooklyn.
For the last 9 days we've been living it up on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. We've spent time sunning on the beach, swimming at the pool (lots of jellyfish right now), and laughing in the kitchen. My family loves to cook, so it's been fun making our favorite recipes and spending lots of quality time together around the stove.

Me and Mr.*From Scratch were also lucky to sample some fantastic local restaurants that wowed even our cynical Manhattan palates.

(Okay, let me be completely honest for a moment: I feel like it takes several days for my husband and I to shed the jaded New Yawk demeanor that we've developed since living here. We must look like complete jerks when we arrive at the Savannah Airport, clothed in black, pale and Vitamin D deprived, chained to our iPhones, making a beeline towards the airport Starbucks saying things like, "Why is everyone so friendly?" and "How do people function at this hour without a quad espresso?" I kind of feel like that snooty couple from the Griswold's Christmas Vacation. But I digress...)

The food we ate on this vacation was out of this world, so this week's post has no recipe, just a collage of "The Best" of what we ate. Enjoy!

The delicious buttery bird that my vegetarian brother, taking one for the team, basted to perfection. Thanks Sam!

Homemade strawberry daiquiris with homemade whipped cream. My family don't mess around.  
Tomato and Feta Pizza from the restaurant "It's Greek to Me"
Cincinnati-style chili made by Uncle Ted. Here's more about a  my hometown's famous chili.
The best hush-puppies ever. At the  Crazy Crab.
Taco Night at the beach house with the family.

My husband reveling in crabmeat glory. Everything tastes better dipped in drawn butter.
We had a great vacation! I'm happy to be going back to the city-that-never-sleeps and diving into my kitchen with some great new recipes. There are still a lot of summer flavors left to enjoy and then we head into September which means Fall is just around the corner. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next week's exciting recipe.

 (Extra Credit: Name the musical that this weeks title is from!)


  1.! Everything looks awesome! So glad you had a great time!

  2. Thanks @GoodEatsGirl! We had a blast:-)

  3. Cute stories. It sounds (and looks) like your vacation was a blast. It's awkward being away from home and being in a different culture but one thing remains the same: the food. All of this looks fantastic!

  4. Hey, where are all the breakfast meals I made for Uncle Ted? Pancakes, frittata, embellished toast, omelets, smomelets. Good Mood Food.

  5. I love the hush puppies at the Crazy Crab! The cinnamon butter that they are served with is weird at first but then really great once you are used to it. Did you happen to eat at Black Marlin? Great food.

  6. We always love Crazy Crab! Didn't have a chance to eat at Black Marlin, but will definitely try it next year!