Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mission Possible

Impossible Pie (pumpkin or sweet potato)
It's no secret that I love using Bisquick in the kitchen. From sweet treats to savory meals, what can't you do with this versatile product? I leapt with joy when Bisquick Heart Smart came out, providing a healthier option with lower fat and cholesterol. Several months ago I came across the "Impossible Pie" recipe series, which range from entrees to desserts. These recipes use Bisquick (or any baking mix) along with eggs to create a light, fluffy texture in between a quiche and a bread casserole. You then add ingredients of your choice to make it your own. I made a savory "Impossible Pie" recipe with salmon, asparagus and swiss here.

Today's recipe can go a lot of ways. You can make it with pumpkin or sweet potato puree and can adjust the sugar levels to make it a slightly-sweet side dish or a full-blown dessert. I was disappointed when my grocery didn't have any canned pumpkin yet, but in the end was really pleased with the results of the canned sweet potatoes.  A dollop of Chantilly cream or Cool Whip finishes this perfect Fall dish!

Impossible Sweet Potato Pie
Cast of Characters: Bisquick, eggs, butter, evaporated milk, canned pumpkin/sweet potato, sugar, vanilla, spices.
Combine all dry ingredients. The recipe calls for cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg, but you can just add Pumpkin Pie Spice to make it easy.

Combine and stir all wet ingredients.
Blend wet and dry ingredients together. (Here I am using my trusty Magic Bullet Blender-LOVE this kitchen appliance!!!)
Pour into buttered pie dish. Bake for 45 minutes; more time if you want it dry and less time if you'd like it custard-y. IMPORTANT: Let this pie cool in the fridge before you eat, it really needs to set.
Actual Recipes: Impossible Pumpkin Pie II and Impossible Sweet Potato Pie

I feel like I've uncovered an endless treasure trove of recipes that I can't wait to try with the "Impossible Pie" recipes (especially coconut cream!). I've heard that you can make baking mix from scratch, but have never actually taken the time to do it. Do any of you have experience making a homemade baking mix verses Bisquick?
What do you all think of Bisquick ? Is it a boxed, artificial product that you tend to avoid, or a handy tool that you turn to for easy meals?


  1. I used to always keep bisquick in the pantry... I haven't bought it in a long time. It is a handy mix to have for when you are short on time. I used it for muffins, waffles, pancakes... things of that nature. Is the Magic bullet that awesome? I'm kitchen gadget obsessed and would love to buy one everytime I see the infomercial!

  2. @Carrie the Magic Bullet is AWESOME! I make smoothies, peanut butter, hummus, frozen drinks, pasta sauce (and plan on making baby food with it someday too!) And the base takes up so little counter space that I always leave it out. I highly recommend it.

  3. this looks yummy! I, too, need to get the bullet (or baby bullet) in the next 3 months for when Annabelle starts eating solids. :) Knowing now that I can make my own pnut butter makes me want to run out and buy one now!

  4. I want a magic bullet so bad! that recipe looks awesome! I'm having a baby in three months so I better get on it! thank you!

  5. @Lori-congrats on Annabelle!!!!!! I need to pop over to YOUR blog and get caught up with you guys.

    @Nellie-thanks for stopping by and congrats on your future baby! I hope you have a healthy, fun and safe last three months:-)

    I highly recommend the Magic Bullet, we got ours at Target for $50-$60. Buy it! (I think Magic Bullet should endorse me as a sponsor-ha ha what do you think?!?)