Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let it Begin With Me

Pear-Rosemary Spritzers
A dear friend of mine is working closely with an awesome campaign that deserves some attention. I wanted to highlight this cause with a recipe for today's post. Now before you lose interest reading because you think I'm going to: 1) get on a soap box 2) ask you for cash or 3) ask you for pledges, check this out: No money, no 5K to sign up for, no t-shirts, and no rubber bracelets with this campaign...just talking!

December 8th is It's Time to Talk Day, an annual event sponsored by Liz Claibourne encouraging greater public dialogue about domestic violence. It's an issue that 1 in 3 women face in their lifetime, spanning all ages and races.

So basically, it's time to talk about promoting healthy relationships and communication. Check in with your coworkers, the teens in your life, girlfriends, even your younger sister, on how things are going with their relationships. You don't have to be a parent to be involved and make a difference in a young adults life.  Just talk to them, it's not difficult or time-consuming, but it is entirely worth it.

A great way to start this casual dialogue is to throw a girls night with all your best buds. This is an easy and laid-back opportunity to touch base with your friends, and make sure everyone is doing alright. You can do mini facials, an accessory swap, or 'tis the season for a white elephant gift exchange. 

Today's recipe is a creative cocktail that is innovative and fun, and the virgin-version is also interesting and delicious. Rosemary adds an earthy, holiday flavor and cuts through perfectly with the sweetness of the pear. Serve in a chilled pitcher and get that conversation started! Enjoy!

Pear-Rosemary Spritzers
Cast of Characters: Vodka, a mason jar, pears, sugar, sparkling water, rosemary, pear nectar/juice.

Pear-infused vodka! Pour plain vodka in a mason jar with as many pears as you can fit into your jar. The recipe says let it sit for 2 weeks, but I never plan that far in advance and a few days were just fine. Seal jar and let sit at room-temperature. (For the virgin-version just skip the vodka, or substitute Fresca or Sprite).

Combine water and sugar to make a simple syrup.

Add sprigs of rosemary and let cool. Discard rosemary after 30 minutes.
Combine pear-vodka, pear nectar, club soda and rosemary simple syrup. Stir.
Serve with ice and a sprig of rosemary for garnish. Refreshing!

Actual Recipe: Pear Rosemary Spritzer

There are many resources available to help get these conversations started. For tips and free handbooks check out The Love Is Not Abuse Website, or download the Love Is Not Abuse Iphone App. You can also raise awareness by mentioning It's Time to Talk Day on Twitter, #ITTTD.

Today on December 8th, start talking about healthy relationships with the people in your life, let's help bring an end to dating violence.  


  1. LOVES that Girl from Scratch is bringing attention to such an important and crucial issue :) love, support and encouragement from girl friends can make ALL the difference, I should know :) p.s. I would LOVE one of these spritzers, when is the next girls' night? xo

  2. @Haesung I have an entire pitcher in my fridge!!!! Come over anytime:-)

  3. That sounds amazing, both the campaign and the beverage. I always love catching up with your blog!

  4. Thanks @Rebekah, always a joy to know friends are enjoying the blog!